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Pediatrics & Neonatology

The Department of Paediatrics & Neonatology offers comprehensive and advanced services to children. The department offer full-fledged in-patients and outpatient services.

  • Specialised care of sick term and preterm babies.
  • Availability of Advanced life support equipment and transport facilities.
  • 10 Bed unit manned by experienced neonatologist, nurses and resident doctors.
  • Minimal Infection rates due to high energy particulate air filter technology ensuring near zero bacterial environment.
  • Ventilation facilities, dedicated multidisciplinary team of hard complicated neonatal cases.
  • Professional management by trained senior consultants soon after birth.

Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):
A tertiary unit with advanced equipment including high frequency ventilators caters to premature babies with special needs and those born after high-risk pregnancies like IVF. The unit provides pre and post operative management of neonatologists specially trained Neonatal Nurses and Para-medical staff. They provide round the clock cover and function as a team.

Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery:
Expertise is available for correction of congenital malformation in the neonate. Highly specialized facilities exist for the management of emergencies and complex surgical problems in infants and children.

Nutrition Support:
The pediatric dietitians are experienced in managing a variety of clinical conditions such as celiac disease, cow’s milk allergy which require skilled dietetic input. Comprehensive enteral and parenteral nutrition support is routinely provided to all patients.

Pediatric Neurology:
The centre provides comprehensive care for children with developmental delay and facilities to manage children with difficult and chronic epilepsy.

Psychological and Behavior Counseling:
Psychological and Behavioral counseling services address emotional, behavioral and scholastic problems of children. Delayed development milestones, learning difficulties, poor concentration, conduct disorder, interpersonal relationship problems, coping with stress are handled by experienced staff in a supportive environment.

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