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What is Tele-Medicine?

Tele-Medicine generally refers to the use of communications and information technologies for the delivery of clinical care at remote places. It is the combination of technologies, medical practices and medical specialist organized and connected with each other to provide health care services.

Tele-Medicine uses video, audio and other tele-communications and electronic information processing technologies to provide health services or assist health care personnel at distant sites. Information is transmitted via high-speed communication lines from one site to another over a video conference session. Thus it enables the patient to see the consulting doctor face-to-face performing the exams as well as communicate the patient information to the doctor.

By adding a tele-medicine solution, a doctor can gain a second opinion, from super specialist, by simply sharing a patient’s medical history and other pertinent information electronically. A second doctor in a remote office can then easily perform a tele-medicine consultation & examination via video conference.


Tele-Medicine is going to fundamentally change the way medical care is delivered. Patient love it, the cost saving have been significant and its efficacy has been proven.

Why Tele-Medicine?
Tele-Medicine solution offers the same healthcare facilities, that is available in large hospital or clinics and is not I reach of remote patients and/or patients who may be too ill to travel, by utilizing video-conferencing telecommunications and digital technology. It virtually connects remote patients to health care professionals.

This enables the patient to see the doctor performing the exam as well as communicate the patient information to the doctor. It offers both patients and their physicians a tremendous advantage over the traditional process.

Ordinarily, a physician would either have to travel to several clinics to share experts’ advice or require patients to travel to another office at a different location many miles apart.

With Tele-medicine, doctors can not only share expert opinion with patients and another physician without needing to travel but they can reach more patients in less time and “visit” with patients across the globe just as easily as with patients down the hall.

Patients can now reach the super consultant doctors of metros from their own region, avoiding the heavy expenses of traveling.

Tele-medicine is faster, father-reaching and more practical for today’s healthcare needs.

How does Tele-Medicine Work?
Tele-Medicine uses the Sender and Receiver concept. The sending Physician transfer patient data to a receiving [remote] physician in a real-time, by using computer based Video conferencing technology.

More than just an ordinary video conference however, tele-medicine not only allows for real-time conversation to take place but also provides for the transmission of other valuable medical information. By allowing for rapid transfer of the additional medical data such as vital signs, photographs, X-Ray, Video, audio from stethoscope and more, a remote/receiving physician can gain substantial information and data often more than enough to adequately aid the sending physician with either a second opinion or treatment advice.

The four major components of Tele-Medicine are:
  • The primary care physician on your site
  • The Patient
  • The super specialist or second opinion physician on remote site.
  • The Communication infrastructure that ties it all together.

Benefits of Tele-Medicine:
Tele-Medicine applied to medical practice result in:
  • Improves access to medical care for geographically or socio-economically isolated patients.
  • Reduction in the need to transfer patients to a site of medical expertise.
  • Better organized and less costly health care.
  • Promote education, prevention, Clinical trials and other programs.
  • Preserve the patient’s current provider-to-patient relationship while facilitating access to specially care.
  • Overall, Tele-medicine optimize the organization and delivery of medical and professional resources, reduces the need for patients to travels and allows local health authorities to purchase a far wider range of health care that might be possible within any one geographic region or medical infrastructure.

Who needs Tele-Medicine?
Anybody, including the patients, relatives or doctors, who want to have consultation or second opinion from super specialist or health care professionals of big hospital like Apollo Group of Hospitals. The patients, along with their doctors, may have second opinion from the concerned super specialists.

How it is Cost-effective?

The old way:
Patient develops a chronic disease. You call your doctor’s office for an appointment, leave work early, sit in traffic and then sit some more in the waiting room. After examining the patient, your doctor decides you need to see a specialist doctor. Your obtain a referral, make another appointment (which may not be immediately available or may be in another city or state), take leave, rearrange your schedule, sit in more traffic and finally arrive at the concerned specialist’s office/hospital for diagnosis and treatment. All this is highly time-consuming and may include travelling and accommodation expenses of several thousands of rupees.

The new way: Right there in the Tele-medicine room at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, Allahabad, your doctor examines the patient and sends the concerned reports and findings via computer to the super specialist doctor of some big hospital like Apollo Hospital after establishing a videoconferencing session between the patient, your doctor & the super specialist doctor, allowing you to receive an immediate consultation, diagnosis and treatment plan, The super specialist doctor reviews the information, asks additional questions if necessary, makes a diagnosis, and recommends a course of treatment right in front of you. So you are able to avoid the inconvenience and expenses related to traveling and accommodation, saving several thousands of rupees.

JJH Tele-Medicine Infrastructure: JJH Tele-Medicine is connected with Tele-Medicine network of Apollo Group of Hospitals that enables the patient to consult with super specialist from Apollo Hospital Chennai/Hyderabad/Delhi/Ahmadabad/Kolkata right from the JJH Tele-Medicine department, avoiding expensive visits to Super Specialist Hospital at metros.

JJH Tele-Medicine is supported with Medlntegra , a web version software, developed by Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF) and Market by Apollo Health Street Limited (AHSL). This software collects patients’ data and converts it into a secure and confidential Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This data is then transferred to the Tele-medicine Specialty Centre, Where it is studied by authorized specialists. Based on the EMR, the specialist offers his/her opinion which is transmitted back to the Grass Root (Peripheral) where the doctor uses it to provide the patient the best possible treatment.

JJH Tele-Medicine: Salient Features:
  • Jeevan Jyoti Hospital is the first hospital in Allahabad and nearby district/regions to have state-of-art Tele-Medicine infrastructure providing hi-tech Tele-Medicine facilities and services.
  • Association with Apollo Group of Hospitals with support from Apollo Tele-Medicine Networking Foundation (ATNF).
  • Jeevan Jyoti Hospital is the only hospital, which can arrange consultation for its patients from specialist or super specialists of all Apollo Hospitals i.e., patients can get consultation from specialist doctors from all Specialty Apollo Hospitals, right from Jeevan Jyoti Hospital campus.

JJH Tele-Medicine Package:
Jeevan Jyoti Hospital charges Rs.750/- only, per Tele-Medicine session, from patients or persons seeking second opinion from super specialists of Apollo Group of Hospitals.

Note: JJH offers 15% discounts to Senior Citizens on all Tele-medicine Consultation Charges.

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