The department of anaesthesia at Jeevan Jyoti hospital aims for enhancing quality of patient care not only in operation theatres and surgical intensive care unit but also preoperative patient status evaluation and follow up after early postoperative recovery. Our department continuously aims for formulation of new protocol and guidelines for continuous improvement in clinical functioning.

We also run pain clinics. On an average at least 30 operations are carried out everyday in our OT complex of six operation theaters.

We are providing services to all surgical specialties. The operation theaters are equipped with modern anaesthesia workstations.

We are also providing our services to IVF unit, radio diagnosis, psychiatric, gastroenterology and dental department.

We have specialized six beds anaesthesia ICU for the care of complicated post operative cases.

The department provides anaesthetic services for all major specialties. The operation theatres are well equipped with modern anaesthetic machines with adequate safety devices. All theatres have state of the art patient monitoring systems.

Anaesthesia services outside the operation theatre are provided for various procedures in gastroenterology for endoscopy, in vitro fertilization for oocyte retrieval, intravenous pyelography and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).