MS, D. Phil (Gold Medallist), DGO, FCGP Diploma in Endoscopic Surgery (Keil, Germany), Senior Gynaecologist & Obstetrician, Infertility & IVF Specialist, also specialized in Cosmetic Gynecology, High risk obstetrical & recurrent abortions and Menopause.

Respected Visitors,

More than thirty years ago, the Late Dr. AK Bansal who was a stalwart of healthcare professionals in Allahabad started a hospital that would rival the best of hospitals in eastern Uttar Pradesh, providing tertiary/critical care. Profit was not the objective. All he wanted was to have a place of their own where he could do extremely high-quality work with the highest of moral and ethical standards. The founding father of the hospital dreamt of a day when the people of Prayagraj in particular eastern India at large would get high-quality medical care at honest prices and the promoting doctors would, in turn, have a platform to deliver quality and honest care to their patients without interference from the so-called “Health Managers”!!

Over a period of 30 long years, The Jeevan Jyoti Hospital has been able to live up to this vision of the promoters and has come to be a shining beacon of ethical health care and a living example of how excellence can be achieved without compromising on morals or principles.

The hospital is now in a phase of transition and the current team, which is a mix of old and the new, is bringing about a change in healthcare delivery. The hospital is fully equipped for Disaster management with two Oxygen plants and qualified & trained warriors who fought well during Covid-19 Pandemic.

While no stone is left unturned and no obstacle is left unchallenged in the pursuit of modernization and incorporation of the latest equipment and technology, utmost care is taken to keep the cost as affordable as possible. One of the main reasons why our charges are reasonable is because our overheads are low. We believe in an open and ethical relationship with each patient, in order to promote mutual trust and confidence.

Jeevan Jyoti Hospital is now one of the leading centres of treatment for IVF and Infertility (Male & Female), Advanced laparoscopy Cancer, Advanced Hysteroscopic Clinic for all kinds of uterine & cervical abnormalities, Hernia Unit, LASER Surgery, Cosmetic Gynecology, Neuro & Orthopaedic Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Clinical Genetics, and Bariatric Surgery. The hospital is having State-of - Art Medical & Pediatric ICU, besides round-the-clock routine and emergency services by super specialist doctors and trained paramedical staff, in the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh.

It is a multi & super speciality hospital equipped with all state-of-art facilities, together with high-tech technology to match world-class standards and support services, we pledge to make your stay at the hospital peaceful and comfortable. While designing the hospital, the special feature kept in mind, was to create a de-stressing atmosphere and ambiance for the patients and the doctors.

We will put the patient first and foremost. That is our commitment and we will do everything possible within our reach to fulfil this commitment.

Efforts are on to give a final shape to the ongoing process of making Jeevan Jyoti a Green Hospital by utilizing natural resources in an efficient, environment-friendly manner. Solar panels for ensuring the use of pollution-free renewable energy resources, creating green corners, sound reduction, and maintaining better indoor air quality which offers a better working environment for doctors as well as helps in enhanced patient well-being, aids the curative process & healing benefits for our patients. The hospital is committed to meeting these parameters.

The present team of highly trained and qualified doctors is delivering state of art health care at affordable cost. We are renowned for our ethics and our endeavours to have a peer review of the procedures and treatments.

The year 2019 was very special for us as we celebrated 20 successful years of Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre, in Prayagraj. The Centre was founded in 1999 with a commitment to bringing smiles to the faces of childless couples and fulfil their dreams of nurturing a healthy and happy family. Very many hopeful couples from across India and from Dubai, Botswana, the USA, and the UK travel to our doors to realize their dream of becoming parents, to find a way around the resounding “NO” at their inability to have their own children.

Today, Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre is one of the best-equipped and most advanced infertility centres in India, establishing success rates that are at par with international standards.

We ensure regular updates of our professionals by conducting CMEs, medical conferences, medical camps, health programs, medical awareness programs, and practical training from time to time.

Last, but not the least, we are committed to providing you with the most advanced treatment at prices you can afford, with the earliest discharge possible. I, personally ensure quality, compassion, integrity, responsibility, and accountability by one and all, at the Jeevan Jyoti Hospital.

We believe in the old age saying; prevention is better than cure. We lead by example, we as a family eat right, exercise right, sleep right, and consider it our dharma to serve the people in our land. We treat, God cures. We stand totally committed and dedicated to bringing health, happiness, and harmony to all of god’s children.

Our Mission: To provide world-class quality healthcare services with commitment, transparency, trust, and affordability.


MBBS, MS, FMAS, FCS, Advanced Laparoscopic & Onco Surgeon, Male Infertility Specialist, Trained Robotic Surgeon,
Fellow of American College of Surgeons (10 years of professional healthcare)

A very warm welcome to you who has sought us on the web. I believe you were meant to reach the Jeevan Jyoti Hospital’s comprehensive healthcare services, it offers since 1988. And as such, you become our priority.

I know that the very thought of going to a hospital can be unpleasant, traumatic and even scary..! We at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital understand your needs and have taken every step to lessen your anxiety. We look into the management of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital so minutely, that it is able to provide quality health services in a caring manner, regardless of your creed, culture, caste or ability to pay. At the same time, we maintain the balance of profitablity to allow us to re-invest the profits directly into the Hospital for state-of-the-art equipment and technology to benefit our community, and be a source of hope for our patients and their families.

We, at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital are committed to follow the highest standards of ethical conduct to provide honest and affordable healthcare services, to all who come to our doors. We realize our social obligations, and are devoted to provide free or, subsidized treatment to people living below the poverty line. We are committed to excellence in all areas of our organization by anticipating and exceeding the expectations of those we serve, our patients, their families, our physicians, our employees, our volunteers and our partners. We believe that happy people make for happy services and happy services make for a healthy community.

We pledge to support our dedicated staff and premier physicians, as they care for our patients in this challenging environment. I have every confidence that Jeevan Jyoti Hospital has all the resources and emerging technologies in place, to treat our community with care, expertise and kindness, no matter what the future holds.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, paramedical staff and professionals to run various departments of the hospital. Each employee is committed to making your visit a positive experience and providing the highest quality health care.

We aim to be the leading healthcare provider in Central India and to provide the best in patient care.

The founders of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, my beloved parents, have brought us up to have a mind that visualizes, eyes that see, and a heart that feels. I pledge my self, towards your health, happiness and harmony.