Late Dr. A.K. Bansal


Late Dr. Ashwini Kumar Bansal was one of the most renowned Senior Laparoscopic and General Surgeons, with a heart of gold. He was a leading specialist in Male Infertility in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He was the Founder Director of the 500 bed Multi speciality & Super speciality Jeevan Jyoti Group of Hospitals, Allahabad.

Late Dr. A.K. Bansal was immensely honoured by his fellow medicos. Besides being an eminent Laparoscopic & General Surgeon & Male Infertility specialist, he was also an educationist, who had held many a select position of a visiting faculty, Director. He was Consultant, Advisor and Chairman, Advisory Council member chairperson in many events and organizations.

Besides his professional qualifications, Late Dr. A.K. Bansal was an acclaimed Motivational Guru, a Personality Developer of repute and Counselor-par-Excellence.

Late Dr. A. K. Bansal and his team appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records (GWR) for doing a surgery of maximum number of Intracranial hydatid cysts removed from a 10 year old child, on 13 April 2011. Honoured by his exemplary professionalism in the area of surgery leadership training for doctors, he was later commended by the Guinness World Book of Records for outstanding performance in the field of medicine.

The journalist forum I-Next conferred on him the distinction for his original contribution in the field of medical sciences.
His belief was TQMS, Total Quality Management of Self. His mission was to make every human being a whole man, who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, aesthetically developed, morally sound and spiritually inclined.
His strategy was to transform the individual into an effective role player, to be useful to himself, to his family, to his organization, to his society, to his country and to the world at large.
His commitment was towards value addition to the individual personality of such persons who prefer to excel.
He was a great catalyst who led people to live life with dignity.
A great doctor, late Dr. A.K. Bansal was also an author of eminence.

He was writing books on (i) Male Infertility (ii) The Secret of Spiritual Happiness, and completed (iii) Life Begins at 50, his latest publication. Training the trainers, Taking Action and Leading the team with Joy were in the final leg of publication, when he left for his onwards journey.

His three titles are quoted extensively in research and training in India and abroad. He was the chief patron of a monthly journal. The central theme of which was focussed on Wisdom oriented contemplation, Devotional Commitment, Dutiful Conduct so as to be useful to oneself, to the family, to the society, to the country, and to the world.

As if this were not enough, the late Dr. Ashwini Kumar Bansal was a towering personality. A leader who moved forward with his group of people as one family. The kind of man who was there for you at 2am, and for whom you were there at 2am too..!

A mesmirizing persona who everyone wanted to emulate. Doctors wanted to be a doctor like him, parents wanted a son like him, children wanted a father like him, a father-in-law like him, a husband like him, people wanted to be a human being like him.

What could be a more befitting homage to him, than to stand committed to his dream. Therefore, JEEVAN JYOTI HOSPITAL.

Dr. Vandana Bansal

MBBS, DGO, MS, D.Phil (Gold Medalist) FCGP

Dr. Vandana Bansal is a renowned and Senior Gynaecologist and Obstetrician of the state of Uttar Pradesh. She is specialized in Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopic Surgery since 1992. She is the Director of the 200-bed, multi-speciality Jeevan Jyoti Hospital and Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre, Prayagraj. A Hospital that has completed 25 years in October, 2013. A Silver Jubilee celebration.

The old adage that every big success has a small beginning, is what truly defines the unflagging efforts of the doctor couple, who disowned the proverbial status of being born with a silver spoon. They chose to nestle in one of the oldest, religious and historical cities of Allahabad to serve the common man.

Their mettle was more appreciated especially in the 80’s, when young technocrat doctors and engineers had a craze to go abroad in the pursuit of joining the neo-rich club. Brimming with apprehension and hope, Dr. Vandana Bansal, an infertility expert and Dr. A.K. Bansal, a laparoscopic surgeon decided to swim against the tide, by setting up a small clinic in the Sangam city of Prayagraj.

The young medico couple had set up a small 10 beds clinic in Allahabad in 1988. While medicine is the duos karma, dreaming about establishing a chain of world class hospitals was their vision.

Dr. Vandana Bansal, a restless medico, has an excellent team, with whose help and support, she has been able to write the success story of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital. Totally committed to keeping hope alive, by ensuring the best healthcare for the common man, by providing state-of-art, top of the line facilities under one roof. She is an open and ethical human, who leads by example in order to promote mutual trust and confidence with each patient that comes to her door.

A forerunner in her chosen field of speciality and a healthcare professional for the past 33 years, she lives and breathes for Jeevan Jyoti Hospital. There is not a single person she does not know by name, and not a single corner of the functioning of her hospital that she is not aware of.

As a senior specialist in her field, she has helped many a childless couple, to find a way around the “NO”. Childless couples have travelled to her chambers at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, to have babies and realize their dream of becoming parents. Not only from India, but also from all corners of the world, like Dubai, Africa, United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Her IVF Centre is her personal place of pride, equipped with the latest lab, so that she can give you accurate information on your pregnancy journey and implement breakthroughs in reproductive medicine.
Holding your hand on this journey is her, and her team of doctors personally chosen by her

It is her dream to give the correct diagnosis and treatment to every person that walks in through her doors, irrespective of caste, creed or culture.

She is full of compassion, a huge heart, transparent, and holistic in her approach, with a focus on preventive medicine. She does her best to create a healing environment that promotes health, happiness and harmony.

We at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital take immense pride in our founders. And are willing to walk the extra mile under their able guidance.