The Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital focuses on mental health and behavioral sciences. The hospital provides comprehensive clinical services for a wide array of emotional and mental health conditions. Patients who suffer from a broad range of psychiatric and psychological problems like mental illness, depression & anxiety receive compassionate care and treatment according to their needs.

Services available

1. Clinical Services

Psychiatry: This branch deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders. Our psychiatrist specializes in mental health, prescribing medication, and providing various forms of therapy.

Psychology: Psychologist focuses on understanding human behavior and mental processes. We offer psychotherapy, conduct psychological assessments, and provide counseling services.

2. Specialized Clinics and Programs

We have specialized clinics/programs for specific populations or conditions, such as child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, mood disorders clinics, etc.

3. Multidisciplinary Approach

Departments adopt a multidisciplinary approach, involving a psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers, nurses, occupational therapist, and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care for patients.

4. Community Outreach

Our department is involved in community outreach programs aimed at raising awareness about mental health issues, reducing stigma, and providing support to underserved populations.

5. Integration with Other Medical Specialties

Psychiatry and psychology departments collaborate with other medical specialties, such as neurology, primary care, and internal medicine, particularly when mental health issues intersect with physical health conditions.

Overall, the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology plays a vital role in promoting mental health, providing clinical services, and educating the community.